V7 IFP Bytello Registration and Device Enrollment

Bytello DMS is web-based software to monitor and manage all of your V7 IFPs from anywhere in the world. Features include status monitoring, panel grouping, time and channel switching, volume control, and information bulletins.

Here's what you need for registration:

1. Email v7ifplicense@ingrammicro.com with the following:

• Copy of your IFP receipt

Please attach a PDF or image of the receipt or invoice from your reseller.

• Your name and preferred admin email address.

Note: The email address will serve as the admin, who can assign sub-admins and privileges to other users as needed.

• IFP Serial numbers

Serial number can be found:

Label on the Box:
All V7 IFPs come with the serial number printed on the box.
On the side of the IFP:
Already threw the box away? No problem, just look at the right side of the IFP.
In the Software Menu:
Already mounted the IFP and threw away the box? Press “Input” on the remote, then enter 1379, then select Software Information on screen.

2. We'll get back to you.

We'll send an invitation to register to the email address you provided which you must fill out. Please make sure to check your spam filter if you don’t receive it within 3 business days. Once the registration is filled out, we'll approve and activate your license. You'll be notified via email when your licenses are activated.

3. Access the DMS.

Now you will be able to sign in to use the web application at dms.bytello.com

Device Enrollment

  1. Log in with your account at https://dms.bytello.com
  2. Click Enroll at the top
  3. Open the Bytello DMS remote app on the IFP (if you don’t have it on your IFP, you can download the APK here: https://www.bytello.com/dms)
  4. Option 1: Enter the enrollment information

    Option 2:

    i. Download the enrollment_file_json to the root folder of a USB Flash Drive

    ii. Insert the USB Flash Drive into the IFP

    iii. The information will be autofilled. Confirm and bind the device.

Download the Bytello DMS Manual here