Note – Unlimited Digital Whiteboard App

This preinstalled app allows presenters to create several types of content and share easily.

  • Handwriting Recognition - Seamlessly converts handwriting to editable text
  • Graphic & Shape Recognition - Automatically straightens and enhances hand-drawn images.
  • Smart Search - Search for information instantly
  • Smart Tables - Create tables with adaptive cell heights and widths in seconds
  • Ruler Tool - Ruler, triangle and protractor functionality are all built in
  • Share Notes - Save and share notes easily with email, QR Code, or to a cloud drive


A robust, secure, and user-friendly web browser is included with every V7 IFP.

The browser offers features like multiple tabs, multi-window multitasking (drag and drop content from the browser to Note or other apps), bookmarks, password storage, and desktop linking.

Multi-Window Multi-Tasking

Multi-window multi-tasking allows you to use multiple apps simultaneously.

  • Easily resize each app on your screen and snap them to the sides or corners
  • Drag and drop content between apps. For example:
    • Drag content from your web browser into your Notes, or an office document.
    • Move files in your finder from Google Cloud Drive or OneDrive directly to the IFP or vice versa.

Built-in Presentation Tools

Record and share to the cloud
Draw and take notes on top of any screen
Counts down from a specified time
Counts up from zero - great for timing activities
Focus on a section of the screen

Bytello Share (ScreenShare Pro) – Device to IFP

The ultimate screen mirroring tool. Share from up to 9 devices through a secure connection. Share and receive content from Windows (two way touch), Mac, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS.

Or cast your content with your device’s built in sharing tools:

  • ChromeCast
  • AirPlay
  • Miracast
  • Web Browser

Easily rearrange the windows and control who can cast from the IFP

Screen Broadcasting - IFP to Devices

Easily share the IFP display contents with 30+ devices on the network with the ScreenShare Pro software.

  • Two way touch controls
  • Copy from IFP to IFP

Display two video sources at once on the same screen

PiP (Picture in Picture) allows you to show a 2nd video source as a windowed screen. For example, sharing your computer screen at the same time as IFP Notes or other apps.

QR Code & Export

You can easily share the notes with the attendees by sharing them to the cloud and displaying a QR Code on the screen. The participants can scan the code and get all the Note contents immediately on their device from anywhere on the Internet.

Cloud Drive Access & Finder

Easily access your content with our built in Google Cloud Drive and Microsoft OneDrive functionality. Once you login, it’s pre-installed in our Finder app so you can quickly transfer files to and from the cloud.

With the Finder, you can manage files in the IFP internal storage, from an external USB Drive or in the Cloud. Copy and Paste or drag and drop files between folders and drives with ease.

Best in class account management

Allows users to quickly login multiple ways to a customizable work space with cloud drive auto-login and more

DMS - Control Management

Web based remote software that simplifies the management of your equipment. You can manage all of your hardware from one location, and troubleshoot issues automatically from a distance.

  • Status monitoring and analytics of all of your IFPs
  • Bulk Upload Boot Logos, Background Wallpaper for your school or business
  • Bulk upload Android App APK files
  • Bulk send multimedia or text message immediately or on a schedule
  • Remote firmware version management
  • Schedule meeting, class, or school bells to display
  • 5-year license included with your V7 IFP
  • Registration instructions here

OTA Updates

Update the firmware and software of the IFP easily within the settings of the IFP.